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Innovative Sales Tax Solutions is a sales and use tax consulting firm dedicated to providing first class client service, while focusing on solving the complex sales and use tax issues that your business faces in today’s aggressive environment. Today’s economy has brought state budget deficits across our country. One way for states to add revenue is to aggressively tax the purchase of goods and services. States assure this revenue by performing aggressive sales and use tax audits on its taxpayers. Aggressive auditing practices, along with complex and inconsistent state tax laws, coupled with a company’s lack of time and resources to review, research and plan, creates a costly, ineffective and inefficient sales tax environment.

Mr. Manning founded IST Solutions with the vision of developing a sales and use tax consulting firm built on a solid foundation of hard work, dedication, trust and an unwavering commitment to its clientele.

Mr. Manning has gained national exposure to the complex environment surrounding sales and use tax issues in today’s economic climate. Jeff spent nine years working with both a regional and national sales and use tax consulting practice based in Harrisburg and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has attained a multi-state background of sales and use taxation, as well as policies and procedures with various state levels of the audit appeal process. He has represented and negotiated multi-million dollar audit appeals, credits and reassessments at various levels of appeal throughout the nation.

Through direct audit involvement, Mr. Manning has attained an intimate knowledge of many business entities and is able to apply state specific sales and use tax regulations to each industry segment. This has facilitated him achieving a high level of familiarity and understanding of various types of business entities, such as manufacturing, insurance services, pharmaceutical, financial institutions, retail industry and non profit organizations, which include Fortune 200 companies.

Mr. Manning earned a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Business Administration from Lebanon Valley College.

Experienced in a wide range of multi-state taxation, Brian Ebeling advises a variety of industry leaders in multi-state sales and use tax law and procedure, concentrating his efforts on retailers, manufacturers, financial institutions, nonprofit entities, and professional service organizations.

Mr. Ebeling previously worked with MBNA America Bank, N.A. in Wilmington, Delaware as the company’s Senior Tax Analyst overseeing the day to day operation of the sales, use, and property tax function. His responsibilities also included audit defense and representation, internal process control and development, and liaison between the corporate tax department and the Bank in all matters of state and local taxation. Prior to his employment with MBNA, Mr. Ebeling spent three years with a national sales tax consulting firm in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. As a Senior Consultant with the firm, Brian was highly involved with every aspect of the reverse sales tax reviews and audit defenses. Mr. Ebeling has spent many hours as a representative for his clients before the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Revenue, as well as before sales tax auditors and property tax assessors from across the United States.

Mr. Ebeling graduated Villanova University School of Law and College of Commerce and Finance with a Masters Degree in Taxation (MST). He graduated Magna Cum Laude from York College of Pennsylvania with a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.

Mr. Ebeling is a member of the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce, as well as the Institute for Professionals in Taxation (IPT).

Brian M. Ebeling, MST
Jeffrey L. Manning
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