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At IST Solutions, we focus our efforts only on sales and use tax.  Our firm specializes in providing sales and use tax services to a client base that may lack the time and necessary resources to review, update and maintain the processes for overall tax efficiency. We provide assistance to clients by conducting reverse sales tax reviews, audit assistance, defense and representation, compliance reviews, as well as other consulting, such as multi-state tax planning, nexus analysis, tax registration and assistance in conducting voluntary disclosure programs.  Our goal is to lighten the tax burden by applying our knowledge of sales and use tax to our clients businesses to attain a high level of tax efficiency, which is ultimately recognized in the earnings and profits of the clients we assist.



SALES & USE TAX REVIEWS consists of a comprehensive analysis of purchase transactions, subsequently gathering documentation for an appeal, filing the appeal at the proper state review level, and following the refund claim through the appeal process until completion.  A “reverse audit” also allows your company to recover what is rightfully owed to you.  IST Solutions focuses on discovering sales and use tax paid on exempt transactions, as well as issues that arise due to court decisions, policy changes or compliance errors.  


AUDIT REPRESENTATION - IST Solutions provides expertise in state audit representation.  Our firm provides clients with ongoing audit assistance and defense work, with the primary goal being to minimize audit deficiency.  Each state jurisdiction has different policies and procedures.  Timing is always a consideration.  Therefore, it is best for IST Solutions to get involved in an audit as early as possible.


COMPLIANCE CONSULTING - IST Solutions will review your past purchases for sales and use tax compliance which may provide some protection against potential deficiencies in upcoming audits.



All services provided by IST Solutions present valuable tax planning opportunities to your company.  We believe it is of the utmost importance to pass on what we have learned through our work experiences by informing you of any corrective measures necessary to maintain an effective and efficient tax environment.


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